OUR Mission



The Planet is but one single nation. We are all neighbours. Thanks to your participation, our company has supplied certain underprivileged African countries with computer equipment and blood analyzers (mass screening). And that’s only the beginning! We invite you to let us know about the humanitarian causes you espouse.

Environmental Issues

Thanks to a solid partnership with one of the country’s most professional metal reprocessors, our company is committed to the environmentally friendly treatment of contaminants in accordance with the standards and laws in force in Canada.

Data Protection

Data protection is a great concern at Le Groupe Interconnexion®. That is why we abide by a stringent code of ethics whereby all information is completely and permanently deleted through an in-depth formatting process and cleaning programs. We will also destroy hard drives upon request.

Market Protection

Naturally, most manufacturers do not wish to see their previous generation of new products in the hands of their distributors. That is why we offer a protection plan whereby these products never return to the domestic market. Our vast network of contacts will export these products for foreign distribution.